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Casa Grinta

Run by Luz Delia Trujillo Casa Grinta is a true labor of love in the heart of Italy. Originally from Mexico, Luz always had an affinity for Italy and lived a time in Florence and Perugia, only deepening her love for the country. From the culture, to the language, the people, the food and everything in between, there was nothing that didn't spark her fascination or inspiration. Eventually becoming a part of the Grinta family, Luz opened Casa Grinta with the vision of providing a home away from home. A place for guests to bask in the serene landscape, experience every delight Italy offers, all while enjoying modern comforts in a newly renovated, beautifully designed space.  



Giordano Grinta and Speranza Tarsi, born in the coastal town of Fano in the 1890s, emigrated to the U.S. in the 1920s to try their hand at the American dream. Raising a first-generation family in Ohio, who then raised their own family in Texas and so on, the Grinta lineage lives on. Their Italian heritage never to be forgotten.  


Città della Pieve

Easily one of the most stunning towns in Umbria, historic Città della Pieve truly has it all. It is the birthplace of the famed painter of the Renaissance, Pietro Vannucci, also known as "il Perugino" some of his works remain showed cased through the town; his most notable pupil being Raphael.   There are also remnants of Etruscan tombs and proof of medieval, Rococo and Baroque influence through the city's eclectic architecture and ambiguous origins. La Pieve boasts beautiful landscapes, charming streets and an unbeatable location.  

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